We do not make "Native American" style drums ......

We take our inspiration from
Northern European shamanic cultures 

 Let us explain a little bit why ....

Firstly, Native American drums use rawhide lacing to tension the drum,
whilst that's fine in the hot weather ... 

Over here in Europe the damp climate plays havoc with these drums, not only does the skin on the drum head get damp but so does the lacing too resulting in a drum
that you can not play for long outside..

 Secondly, its not our culture. 
We have our own traditions and styles of drums....
From the Irish Bodhran to the Sami shamanic drums....

Finally, there are lots of folk making
Native American style drums.
So we would rather leave them to it ...

With the drums we make we try to add a modern twist to traditional shamanic drum making, blending a high level of attention to detail with an element of artistic expression
and we hope this inspires others drum makers ...


Jo Crow said...

Phil and Lynne made me the most beautiful drum.......Black Horse Skin on Yew Hoop, with Horse Bone handle carved by my partner Matt Heal at Soulfire Arts. This drum had been calling to me for a very long time and I finally convinced them to make it for me. He arrived on Autumn Equinox and we have slowly been building a relationship. Last nights Full Moon we had our most amazing journey so far......Journeying deep into Horse, Bone,Yew and Runes. The journey went back to the primal beginnings of Earth, Fire and Ice, I have not journeyed so far and deep for many many years, having trouble coming back my partner sent Wolf in to find and guide me. We went beyond time and space, experiencing the Elements and Runes in the marrow of my bones, the bones of Earth, Horse and Yew, understood by my deep body knowing, words have no place there or here. Excited about where we go next :-).

So I want to say a HUGE Thank You to Phil, Lynne and Matt for bringing this incredible being into my life. Can't recommend highly enough!! If deep and powerful is what you want, come to these guys. Jo Crow

peter dryburgh said...

Where do I start? With awe and wonder at the quality of Phil and Lynnes skill and spirit, I currently live in the second wettest city in Wales, and I love drumming in caves along the coast line, so there in lay a challenger with the drum, but Phil and Lynne certainly created and birthed a drum that was most suited to my needs, we discussed the skin and they added some adaption screws to tighten it, and what a dream, it works perfectly, and what a beautiful drum it is, goat skin, oak hoop and antler handle, and such a deep beautiful song he has too! Thank you so much for this drum, I absolutely love it!!!! I also ordered a travel rattle, and what a beauty it is, perfect for carrying around on my travels around the caves and coastline, I am so thankful to you both, you're amazing!!

Morocco Regnumangelorum said...

I have loved to learn about history, who we've been and what we've all been about for so many thousands of years. What were those things our Ancestor's thought, what were their songs, their works of art, their struggles and their beliefs?

At times I feel myself overtaken by awe whenever I have an opportunity to stand near something crafted by them, to know that someone, somewhen, took the time to think it through and bring it about. Beauty has so many forms.

And so it is that I have a great deal of respect for those in our day who have a passion to move into that space themselves and honor Old Ways in the works of their hands and the reverence of their spirits.

I am very glad to have found Phil and Lynne on Etsy, to have the opportunity to ask that they create a drum for me similar to what may have been used by my Shamanistic or Druidic forefathers, something to hold a measure of the respect I feel for them within its substance. ... And did I comment upon how beautiful is that drum? A few days hence, I will greet the sun with it in my hands and let it sing. At spme later date I will likely ask that another be made to keep it company :)

Thank you Phil and Lynne. Many be the blessings that fall upon you.

Dawn said...

Like others, I am seeking the way of the ancestors of the North. This drum called to me over the ocean, and when she was birthed, the Deer Mother / Reindeer Mother was right there in the top of the drum skin. Magical. We are just learning to sing and work together. Thank you so, so much for this wonderful ancestral being, and this connection to the great beings around and within. May you be greatly blessed!

Nicky Johnson said...

Shamanic tools / instruments seem to call to you and this one certainly did that.

WOW thank you so much for the love and honour you have put into this xx

I am thoroughly enjoying the magic and depth of this piece....

I feel so privileged and full of gratitude to be connecting to this beautiful collaboration of animal, tree and crystal beings / energies.

The drum and drum beater are absolutely stunning and full of magical energy and beauty and guidance and wonder, RIGHT FROM THE BEGINING they have been chatting away, amazing..!!! They hold so much love and wisdom. They seem to be part of each other but also pieces in their own right.

It feels it has been made with so much love and respect for it's originators....the energies in and around the piece feel so peaceful and full of love and gentle kindness.....

.....and WOW the craftsmanship is incredible..!!!!

xx Thank you xx
Much love and blessings,
xx Nicky xx

Nancy said...

I am very priviliged to have received my first drum from Phil & Lynne earlier this week and it is stunning. I looked at lots of different makers and drum sellers, but was drawn to Shamanic Druidry as I really loved their ethos of making drums that reflect our northern european shamanic culture. The drum and beater are both beautifully made, and partner each other well. I am looking forward to getting to know my drum well over the coming months, and to the journeying we will do together.
A huge thank you to Phil & Lynne for bringing this beautiful instrument into being.

Isa said...

I am so impressed with the artistry and customer service provided by Phil and Lynn. The work they do is gorgeous. I was looking for a drum to replace the shamanic drum I have been using, which is coming apart at the seams. Part of the requirement was that the drum be made in a spiritually responsible way.

Phil was in contact the entire time, letting me know that there would be a delay because they were not happy with the product and wanted to rebend a frame. The end product is stunning. The pictures online cannot do this work of art justice. To be able to turn out a product of this level of craftsmanship, while still making it accessible to the average person...

I am just so in love with this drum and cannot recommend this shop enough.

Jude Lally said...

I was drawn to get another drum through a vision I received. The drum was dark and of reindeer skin. I didn't want a Sami style drum as that is not my tradition but I am connected to reindeer through my female lineage - which stretches back to a woman who lived 25,000 BCE and whose people followed the great herds (DNA analysis - Brian Sykes, Oxford Ancestors).

My drum is really remarkable - it's like i've graduated after years of learning with my previous drum. Since the moment I picked this drum up i've been learning from her. She pushes me, surprises me and I know i've a lot to learn.

How amazing to have a drum with a quartz crustal!!

Wonderful customer care and conversation and spending the time to answer all of my questions!

With much respect to Phil and Lynne for all they do in the world!

Jude Lally.

Gerrit Orgers said...

I received my 6th drum from this lovely couple, a week ago.
Boar-skin on oak, with an oak beater... Wow what a sound he makes... It resonates almost as much as the large pow-wow drum I have from them.

I love each and every drum Phil and Lynne have made for me. Each has it's own character and sound. This one as well. It screams out boar-spirit. The handle has been made with such care as well. I love it's shape and the (bind-)runes on it. It just feels right.

Going to seriously enjoy this drum! The rest of the 'family' (of drums) seems to approve of him as well ;)

Thank you so much for the care and love you put into these beauties!

Zoritza said...

It is with great honour and respect that I receive my deer drum with Labradorite crystal in the back as its center by Phil and Lynne and gosh it has such a beautiful sound too, so gentle and sweet, that my heart opens its petals to the Sun, radiating its glorious light for all to see and so I am very grateful that spirit has guided me to your doors.

As this drum's purpose was for it to be used in sacred ceremony to guide various individuals to the magical door of LOVE, so they may begin to feel/enrich/expand the sweetness of their own relationship to spirit.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for I am greatly humbled by its creation, the beauty and care that you have taken to manifest its journey into this moment within time and space is truly felt by all within me, let alone all that it will touch with the song its sings in the greater circle of life.

Blessings Always


Anonymous said...

I recieved my drum last night and it has gone beyond my expections. The boar skin is stunning. The voice of the drum matches the looks. Deep and powerful but with the feeling there is a more powerful voice just waiting to sing. This drum has been birthed by a craftsman and craftswoman.
If you want a drum of quality and a little magic look no further.

Vincent Ferrau said...

I received my drum a few days ago, and have been slowly, and in a savoring manner, establishing a deep and resonate relationship. To say the drum is beautiful, would be a gross understatement. It is stunning, but beyond this, it is powerful, and I feel privileged to graciously receive it. Phil and Lynne are amazing souls who coax and coalesce, work concordantly with spirits, and offer into the universe drums and rattles of the highest category and craft!

John said...

Phil&Lynne are Master Drum Crafters and all aspects of their work are fulfilled in a thoughtful and mindful way and with customer service that deserves the highest praise. Their drums and rattles are very special and immediately become old friends from the first beat and first shake. My most recent drum, boar skin, is outstanding in the richness of sound and its power is just amazing. The Best!

Ruth said...

From the moment I spotted the moon drum it was Love! I have been waiting for a gathering drum to appear for several years but knew it would have to embody the deep and tribal tones of a heavier hide. Phil and Lynne created just such a drum and with the added beauty of dark and light skin to accompany the Full and New Moon.
Added to this they gifted me a stand and made beautiful birch beaters! The hoop is Ash with cow hide. As I work with groups of children it needs to be robust while still providing an authentic feel. I feel to blessed to have this drum in my life now and will treasure her for many years to come.
Thank you so much Phil and Lynne, I won’t hesitate to recommend you and your creative skills.

Lauren Brizard said...

Phil and Lynne, i thank You so much for the amazing birth you have made by making this drum.
It 's such an honour to have a dream drum making by your hands and spirits.

I am absolutely in love with the drum, his spirit and medicine are so present and powerful. It could have not come as powerful without you...

Thank you for your time,(almost 2month)your patience, your high quality art and work,and above all your heart.
Thank you thank you thank you <3

Hillswick Wildlife said...

We are in love with the two stunning drums Sedna and Kelpie that Phil and Lynne “birthed” for us this winter. It was the most wonderful experience working with them to midwife these beautiful beings into existence. It was a true labour of love, performed with a depth of feeling and passion that is rare to find in this day and age. We are simply blown away by the sheer quality of the work that has gone into them. And as for the design...words fail us. We look forward to many happy hours drumming and listening to their stories. We can’t thank you enough and won’t hesitate to recommend you to everyone we know. Blessings on your heartfelt work, Jan & Pete xx

Debbie said...

Phil and Lynne are wonderful to work with. They have make me a drum with a soulful voice that is deep and resonating. Their craftsmanship is superb with every millimeter of my drum being a masterful work of art. The reindeer skin is beautiful, the hoop is solid and artfully colored with red ochre from Scotland, and the stitching to marry the two is flawless.

Phil and Lynne collaborated with Matt to carve a reindeer antler that is not only how I hold my drum, but is its own work of art. I had not given any directive on what to carve, and Matt brought forth carvings that were deeply meaningful to me. I am eternally grateful.

As if that would be enough, I have a rattle to match. The handle is also a carved reindeer antler. It is amazing to me how the handle of the drum and the rattle fit in my hands so perfectly, like the reindeer had known exactly how to grow the antler for me. How Phil and Lynne were able to pick antlers that are perfect for me is just magical.

I consider Phil, Lynne and Matt a part of my journey, and I will hold all dear to my heart. Thank you!!!